Ice Carver



What is the difference between a carving, a luge, a sculpture and a mould?
A carving is hand made, a block having been 'carved' into a sculpture using a variety of tools, Chainsaws, sanders, chisels ect. Some sculptures are made from a simpler process using moulds. Luges are sculptures designed as drinking pieces, a hole or channel in them for vodka to run through


What can be carved?
I will endeavour to carve your hearts desire, the limitations are how they melt and how fragile they are to transport.
Almost anything can be carved, the only exceptions are very thin objects i.e. flamingos legs (as they melt all the weight is above - CRASH!)I can even freeze items into the Ice i.e. Flowers, Toy models, Engagement rings, Fairy Lights! (extra notice is required for these requests)


How long will the the carvings last?
Not forever! The carvings are made to last for 4-6 hours but if you wish a very detailed sculpture the detail will only last approximately 30 mins.


How large / heavy are they?
Throughout the world carvers use a standard carving block which is 100cm x 50cm x 23cm (40" x 20" x 9") of crystal clear ice, weighing around 115Kg (250lb) The carvings will be designed to be as large as possible within these measurements, two or more blocks can be fused together to form extra large pieces or Ice Bars.


How much / Deposit?
Carvings start at £170 + VAT, the more detail required the more time to carve the greater the cost.
Delivery is extra on a per mile basis. A 30% deposit will be required for first time orders.


Delivery / Installation?
Delivery can be arranged for most areas of the country and tailored to suit your needs. I typically arrive 30mins before your function and set the sculpture up in a drip tray. , DIY collection and installation is available to keep costs down, but beware the carvings are VERY heavy and quite fragile and you will have to arrange your own refrigerated storage until the piece is required.


Drain Trays / Light boxes?
I can provide clear plastic drain trays to prevent the melted ice making a lake in your room.
For a small charge we have underlit drain trays for hire. Display the carving on one of these and it will make a true center piece attraction.


Notice Period
Please allow me 2-3 weeks to design, create and arrange delivery for your carving a little longer around the festive period
I also hold a limited number of pre carved Vodka Ice Luges in stock for the unexpected last minute parties.


Is it worth it?
If having something truly different to your own design and dont mind being left with a bucket of water, YES BABY YES